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About Chris H. Hardy

Spiritual and intuitive coach

Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., is a researcher on consciousness, a yogi, and a psi sensitive. Dr. Hardy is a pioneer in the domain of consciousness and the new paradigm. She has explored psi, and thought-provoking mind potentials.

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Chris H Hardy website official Chris H Hardy, phD – spiritual & psi coaching





I am a spiritual and intuitive coach

  • Motivational speaker & super-psi seer
  • Adept in meditation, ASCs, shamanism, visualization, remote-viewing (since I’m 18),

& in Jungian psychology, Ericksonian hypnosis

  • Researcher & theorist on consciousness.


I love to explore new dimensions of my mind

–    Get in sync with my higher Self,

  • Create telepathic-harmonic fields in groups
  • Access Gaia soul & collective unconscious
  • Travel, visit sacred sites, sense sacred lines
  • Write each night, play drums, trance-dance.

Therefore I love to focus on you &

  • Boost your own awakening, liberation, healing, creativity, wellness, & psi talents
  • explore your future, potentials, & career,
  • find answers & solutions for you through RV, Tarots, or direct Self-to-Self connection.


I offer one-on-one coaching (Skype or phone)

–   Privacy respected, no disclosure.

My commitment: I’ll support your higher Self & specific spiritual path.

My priority: that you achieve a greater realization, in joy and abundance.

Hi, I’m Chris H. Hardy. Please read this blurb before buying a coaching or book. This site is working but still being improved. Have patience!

For scheduling a session, please select a coaching and ‘add to cart.’ Then use the contact box and let me know of your choice, time zone, and availability. Allow for 2 days for the return mail. Passed this delay, please contact me again (and double-check your email and phone number). I would advise you to proceed to the checkout & payment section only once we have scheduled the coaching session via mail).

  As for books: only some PDF (e-books) can be purchased, whereas soft-cover books are not available at the moment on this website, but can be purchased  on Amazon, Inner Traditions website, large US bookstores, etc. Have great fun…

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