Chris has developed over 3 decades her own Remote Viewing and precognition tools, has published 3 books on these and conducted numerous workshops to boost people’s talents.

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Keep growing and expanding your mind, boost your psi talents, reach to the sky like an ever growing tree

1. Boost your psi talents


– together we’ll first map your actual psi, then I’ll devise custom tools to increase your mind power and focus. Moreover I’ll hand you tips to set your intent

– I’ll guide you to master powerful visualization techniques that you can use for different purposes. Then I’ll show you how to adapt them for specific aims

– I’ll give you keys and guidance to develop the psi talents you may thrive on. We’ll especially explore those that will also benefit your loved ones


Keep growing and expanding your mind, boost your psi, to finally reach to the sky like an ever-growing tree! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get more and more proficient and skilled in a variety of psi talents! Let’s start with your actual gifts – premonitory dreams, excellent intuition. Then let’s open new avenues of mental and psi capacities for you! Do you want to try to soothe a headache, to develop your healing as well as your self-healing abilities? To feel at a distance if someone you care for needs your immediate help?  Would you like to learn how to sense danger ahead while driving? To visualize your superb performance ahead of the event, thus getting rid of any stress and being at your best? Moreover, I’ll give you the secrets for launching a continual spiritual and psi realization in your life!

2 sessions x 1h = $160

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Using clairvoyance and Remote Viewing can be crucial tool for finding a missing person; it can also be fun to investigate sacred sites and megaliths

2. Remote Viewing for you

– I’ll explore an archaeological site with you. Remote-viewing will show us what is actually underground, or else what was there in a distant past.

– Together we can map out a sacred site and moreover unlock its information and energy grid

– I’ll make my best to find or follow a missing person (refs oblig.)

– I can remote-view a past event in order to see what really happened

– or a distant place on earth or even on another planet, or star.

Using clairvoyance & Remote Viewing (RV) can be crucial for finding a missing person. It can also be fun for investigating sacred sites and megaliths! Any session with Chris will give you tips to enhance your own psi because you’ll see how she operates!
Regarding RV for a missing person, note that I’ll ask you a proof of your family or friendship link. I’ll also want a statement of benevolent intent. Before you choose a RV session, please check with me (via the contact form) for the feasibility of your demand. I’ll also appraise the ethics of such a RV work and finally suggest a work plan to you.

1 session x 2h = $240  (companies: $360)

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The future becomes a straight road toward the realization of our aims when we master the art of intent and visualizing .

3. Accessing your Future


– find about your own future! Choose a reading focused over the next 4 months or over a year from now.

– get a reading for your business (project or ongoing). See the probable futures of diverse options: thus you’ll know how to select the best ones.

– find your life mission and the path to it. The key to success is a clear purpose that can, even along the way, give you a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, learn how to set this purpose in sync with the realization of your higher Self and spiritual awakening.

The future becomes a straight road toward realizing our aims when we master the art of intent and visualizing. (see: 1. Boost your psi). I’ll use traditional Tarots readings, together direct information I’m able to draw from the Akasha. As a result, I’ll show you the probable outcomes and events in your future (the strongest lines of probability). Being a successful adept at visualization, the reading is only the first step—similar to a psi map. Thereafter, we’ll sort out how to reinforce, with intent and visualization, your path toward success. Finally, I’ll boost your self-confidence in your capacity to achieve your aims.
  •  Next 4 months 1h = $88.
  • Over a year – 2h = $160.
  • Business / life mission: 2 sess.= 2h + 1h = $350

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Get your ego consciousness in sync with your higher Self, as the sea reflecting the light of the sun.

4. In sync with your Self


 – in our first and free contact, we’ll map your actual life-path, as well as your higher purpose or life-mission

– then I’ll give you basic yoga techniques to enhance your meditative and peak experiences, as well as your spiritual talents. Thus we’ll render your psi as a continuous flow of information and connections, at the beginning unconscious, and later it will become conscious. This will eventually boost and nurtur in yourself a constant discovery and evolving process

– we’ll explore various ways to listen to your inner Self, and focus on the paths that you feel are the most thrilling, and also the most appropriate to your own path of knowing and life choices

– thus you will learn to get a direct guidance from your own soul or Self

Get your ego consciousness in sync with your higher Self, as the sea reflecting the light of the sun. The secret key opening all spiritual and psi talents is in the connection to your inner Self, or solar angel. Consequently, all paths of yoga and meditation have as a final aim the fusion of the ego with the Self. This means no less than a connection to Cosmic Consciousness –the hyperdimension of consciousness in the universe, the Tao, the Brahman. As you get in sync with your Self, you will be able to access all the potentials of the hyperdimension of consciousness. Not only extended psi talents, but moreover, contacts with kindred souls, including deceased loved ones. This is because the hyperdimension is also where dwell the souls of the deceased and higher dimensional beings, such as cosmic guides.

2 sessions x 1h = $160 (+ 30 min free contact)

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Realize your goals and make of your life a landscape filled with majestic and powerful monuments that will take you to the realization of your higher Self.

5. Realize a goal


–       we’ll first define and map your goal, select how you want it to be accomplished; I will then guide you with suggestions to build a strong intent;

–      we’ll use a very potent visualization technique I’ve devised and refined over the years, based on lists and intuitive drawing;

– finally you will set your intent as an energy-print on your drawing, and launch it on a path to realization.

– now and then, just contemplate and energize your goal, focusing on it until its actual realization in your life


Using powerful self-suggestion, precognitive drawing, visualization techniques, that I have devised and tested, teaching them in workshops over the years. Realize your goals and make of your life a landscape filled with majestic and powerful monuments that will take you to the realization of your higher Self. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to render easy what seems to be a bothersome and energy-consuming task! See how you can, with a mighty set of tools I’ll give you, make the impossible happen in your life! Together we can set the right mindset, the fine-tuned psychic energy and the strong intent that will, like a magnet, manifest your goal or dream in your life. Moreover this will boost yourself toward your own global and spiritual realization. We’ll will have a free feedback email conversation 7-10 days after the technique, in order to assess your results and provide you further information.

1 session x 1h = $88

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A lot is happening in our subconscious – yet it suffices to plunge and look at what’s there underwater, to free yourself from any self-inflicted sabotage.

6. Ericksonian Hypnosis


– E. Hypnosis allows to solve a psychological, relational, or social problem, by using a specific type of visualization, in only 1 or 2 sessions of 1h;

– it works marvels for a quicker healing of wounds or post-surgery recovery, or else to prepare an exam or a performance. Moreover, it permits to get rid of stage fright, of phobias, and of incapacitating emotional responses;

– it allows you to empower yourself, to dissolve past traumas and fears, so that you may free your psyche and finally express your full potential in your life

A lot is happening in your subconscious – yet it suffices to plunge and look at what’s there underwater, to free yourself from any self-inflicted sabotage. Ericksonian Hypnosis is a method to plunge in your unconscious while remaining fully aware. You will be able to willingly sort out and erase the psychic obstacles, the fear, the  traumas, or just bad habits, that otherwise would impair and incapacitate you. Its discoverer: the  great psychiatrist Milton Erickson in the mid 20th century. Doesn’t overwhelm your own will (as does normal hypnosis), because you remain fully conscious, yet in a deep consciousness state. You are the one to operate the healing of your own psyche: I’ll just give you guidelines for your self-suggestions and visualizations.

1h-session = $88; 2 x 1h-session = $160     

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