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About Chris H. Hardy Ph.D Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., is a researcher on consciousness, a yogi, and a psi sensitive. Dr. Hardy is a pioneer in the domain of consciousness and the new paradigm. She has explored psi, and thought-provoking mind potentials.

The researcher

Systems scientist and former researcher at Princeton’s PRL Laboratories (NJ). Dr. Hardy is the author of a theory of mind allowing for psi capacities as well as high states of consciousness. And of its noteworthy extension in a cosmological theory with the book Cosmic DNA at the Origin. She envisions a hyperdimension of consciousness pervading the universe—that our souls (Selfs) can access. This is why we are endowed with psi capacities, such as Remote Viewing distant places and the future. Why we can moreover communicate with the spirits of the deceased and of great guides residing there.

Author of 70+ papers and 18 books on these subjects, she is an authority in the domain, both in scientific terms and as an author and workshop facilitator. Dr. Hardy presents her research regularly at various international conferences. For more information on her research and papers (free download), visit her page at: https://independent.academia.edu/ChrisHHardy (active link).

Chris now explores the 5500-year-old Sumerian tablets featuring human giants gods issued from an alien planet and who created humanity. Her in-depth analysis compares these to biblical texts—with as a result the best-seller DNA of the Gods and Wars of the Anunnaki.

In addition, she tackles exo-politics, that is, the contact with Intelligent Civilizations in the universe with two science-fictions: Space Allies: Earth in the Balance (2017) and Butterfly Logic: Experimental Planet Earth. (See the book page)

The psi sensitive and visionary

More to the point, Chris is a psi sensitive and a magus, gifted with an astonishing gamut of psi and spiritual capacities. An adept at meditation and states of heightened consciousness, she moreover develops original and extremely potent techniques of self-development. She is also a fan of travels, shamanic experiences, jam drumming. Thus, she explores the fields of harmonized collective consciousness—and recounts many live experiences in The Sacred Network. Chris is a seasoned workshop facilitator, tackling psi, spiritual ascension, self-empowerment. As a result, she has the skills to offer intuitive and spiritual coaching, with personalized, one-on-one, online sessions. 


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