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 The Rvans (an insectoid-phylum), the inventors of secret weapons-of-mass-coercion, have launched a full-fledged undercover operation to take control of the Imperial government of the bi-galaxy, while they reinforce their hold on Delos/Earth. They now practically control the mind of the emperor and have placed their own pawns at the powerful Galac ministry and at Pol-Int, the political Intelligence ministry. While their stealthy fight enters its decisive phase, only a handful of sacked political actors now lacking any political leverage seems to have noticed the carefully staged moves; and yet the Galactic Federation as well as Delos/Earth are in the balance. … READ MORE



 by CHH88CHH | Dec 15, 2017 | Books Presentations

The detonation of nuclear weapons in the 20th century was not the first time humanity has seen such terrible destruction. Drawing upon the work of Zecharia Sitchin, the Book of Genesis, Sumerian clay tablets, and archaeological evidence such as ancient radioactive skeletons, Chris Hardy reveals the ancient nuclear event that destroyed the Sumerian civilization and the power struggles of the “gods” that led up to it. READ MORE


by CHH88CHH | Dec 15, 2017 | Books Presentations

Physicists infer that before this Planck scale, there were no particles and therefore no matter (nor was there any electro-magnetic force, strong force, weak force), and that no time and no space had formed yet. And nevertheless the primordial universe had a gigantic energy, despite the fact that we are still, at Planck scale, an immense time before the Big Bang or inflation phase.

  So that, if (1) there was an immense energy, and if (2) there were no particles and no matter, then it had to be a non-matter energy. And given (3) that there were no time and no space yet, then I thought I knew what this energy was: it was consciousness-as-energy—the very syg energy that I had posited and researched in depth since more than two decades. READ MORE



by CHH88CHH | Dec 15, 2017 | Books Presentations

The evidence keeps accumulating from hundreds of thousands Sumerian and Middle-Eastern clay tablets already unearthed that we are the descendants of the gods of Sumer, and the numerous striking similarities between the scriptures and these ancient texts (such as the…  READ MORE  



 THE SACRED NETWORK shows – through multiple experiences and subtle perceptions – how individuals attuning their minds with each other (for prayer, music playing, trance-dancing, etc.) may create a field of harmony that puts them in…

 The energy of consciousness also infuses sacred places and buildings, and we may put this in light via the exploration of leys and of the ancient megalithic and Druidic grid, on which is embedded the more recent Christian grid…  READ MORE 



by CHH88CHH | Dec 15, 2017 | Books Presentations

In Unikarg… The only glimmer of hope is a long-forgotten massive experiment launched eons ago by the genius Zeera who, having anticipated this decline, had set up the Plan for Experimental Planets (PEP). It involved seeding genetic diversity and disorder on planexes under the hypothesis that this would yield a new breed of sapiens, minds and civilizations whose dynamism would rekindle the creative spirit on Unikarg.  READ MORE  


LOGIQUE PAPILLON (V.Fr de Butterfly Logic)

by CHH88CHH | Dec 15, 2017 | Books Presentations

Sur Unikarg… La seule lueur d’espoir est un expérience massive lançée des éons auparavant par le génie Zeera qui, ayant anticipé ce déclin, avait mis en oeuvre le Plan des Planètes Expérimentales (PPE). Son but: ensemencer de la diversité génétique et du désordre sur des ‘mondex’ afin de créer une nouvelle race de sapiens – des esprits et des civilisations dont le dynamisme pourrait raviver l’esprit créatif d’Unikarg.







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