DNA OF THE GODS (Paperback + signed)


Paperback + Signed

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DNA OF THE GODS (Chris H. Hardy, 2014). The evidence keeps accumulating from hundreds of thousands Sumerian and Middle-Eastern clay tablets already unearthed that we are the descendants of the gods of Sumer, and the numerous striking similarities between the scriptures and these ancient texts (such as the Garden of Eden, the descendants of Adam and Eve, the erasing of Sodom, etc.) reveal that the deity in the Garden of Eden/Edin was the Sumerian Prince Enlil, the Commander of Earth. It is now breathtakingly clear that the events in Edin (aka Sumer) meant no less than a new leap in the bio-engineering of the present day human race issued from the DNA of the aliens “who came down to Earth” or ‘Anunnaki,’ and that this leap (the fourth one) lifted us to the stage of self-awareness.

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