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 SPACE ALLIES: Earth in the Balance.(Exopolitics Sci-Fi Series). Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D. © 2017

Space Allies: The Rvans (an insectoid-phylum), the inventors of secret weapons-of-mass-coercion, have launched a full-fledged undercover operation to take control of the Imperial government of the bi-galaxy, while they reinforce their hold on Delos/Earth. They now practically control the mind of the emperor and have placed their own pawns at the powerful Galac ministry and at Pol-Int, the political Intelligence ministry.

While their stealthy fight enters its decisive phase, only a handful of sacked political actors now lacking any political leverage seems to have noticed the carefully staged moves; and yet the Galactic Federation as well as Delos/Earth are in the balance. There’s little hope left… until a young Ur genius, Pi, stumbles on criminal maneuvers on a tiny, faraway planet, that points to a bigger plan. Using a new Syg-3 technology enabling him to step into past events, will he be able to thwart Rvan plans? Can the Urs, a civilization of artists-yogis fully dedicated to developing their mind potentials, checkmate the deadly Rvan technology?

Meanwhile, on Earth, outstanding psi subjects work for a secret military program to gather intelligence using Remote Viewing, and they too find evidence of aliens interfering with major events. Time is short. Will Earth, awakening to the reality of a universe teaming with intelligent civilizations, make the necessary consciousness leap quickly enough to overturned Rvans’ control of Earth and self-manage their entry as a member-planet in the Federation?

Space Allies shatters our blinkers by revealing the tremendous potential of a science dedicated to expanding mind and consciousness, and whose green technology is based on the boundless syg-energy pervading the cosmos as a hyperdimension of consciousness. It puts into question a materialistic science and politics steered by the will to control and fated to set a lethal course for the planets and their people.

Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., is a ground-breaking theorist on consciousness and the new paradigm in physics. A systems scientist and former researcher at Princeton’s Psychophysical Research laboratories, she has investigated nonlocal consciousness through systems theory, chaos theory, as well as her own Semantic Fields Theory and cosmology theory setting a hyperdimension of cosmic consciousness. Chris is also a seer, exploring emerging mind potentials, and widely travelled. She has authored acclaimed published books, including DNA of the Gods, Wars of the Anunnaki, The Sacred Network, and Butterfly Logic (the first title in the Exopolitics Sci-Fi Series).

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