THE SACRED NETWORK (paperback + signed + 4 posters)


(paperback + signed + 4 posters)


THE SACRED NETWORK (Chris H. Hardy, 2011) shows – through multiple experiences and subtle perceptions – how individuals attuning their minds with each other (for prayer, music playing, trance-dancing, etc.) may create a field of harmony that puts them in telepathic contact—called telepathic-harmonic fields or Telhar fields. The book recounts astounding experiences of these Telhar fields among Sufis in prayer or ascetics in India, among people meditating or dancing, or in jam sessions, and plunges us into the live experience of shared consciousness in different cultures and parts of the world. Though this wealth of personal experiences, Chris H. Hardy shows us how to live outstanding states of collective harmony – the key to the next leap in human evolution.

The energy of consciousness also infuses sacred places and buildings, and we may put this in light via the exploration of leys and of the ancient megalithic and Druidic grid, on which is embedded the more recent Christian grid—the resultant global and planetary grid being the Sacred Network. Energy lines connecting monuments in Paris thus form astounding structures based on sacred geometry (Part 2). Finally, unique peak experiences point to dimensions of consciousness that, in transcending our usual space and time limitations, can bring valuable information about distant or future events.


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