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Butterfly Logic. The Unikarg empire, controlled by officials on Exora—a whole management planet run by computers (exors)—has become an inert superstructure which, despite its high technology, is incapable of producing any new discoveries, ideas, art, even humor; the stimulants of change and difference, the challenges of the unexpected, all the vehicles of vitality and growth have been running down.

The only glimmer of hope is a long-forgotten massive experiment launched eons ago by the genius Zeera who, having anticipated this decline, had set up the Plan for Experimental Planets (PEP). It involved seeding genetic diversity and disorder on planexes under the hypothesis that this would yield a new breed of sapiens, minds and civilizations whose dynamism would rekindle the creative spirit on Unikarg.

Erdoes starts a new phase of the PEP and investigates his hunch of a major trafficking in humans, technology and resources on Trisorbe/Earth. He sets up a collective learning network involving pairs of sapiens-exors, whose leading one, Shari-Sphinx, starts developing a Meta-spatial Logic of transformation and synergy that triggers qualitative leaps in sapiens and exors alike, and tools that will be used to fight against the alien Mafioso ring on Earth. The fight is raging – will Shari and Sphinx be able to defeat them?

Butterfly Logic offers a fresh look on diversity, creativity, chaos, artificial intelligence, and the human mind. Quick paced, provocative and humorous, this sci-fi deals primarily with the dangers of uniformization and a too tight control on people and society, as well as with a logic enabling computers to learn exponentially, while remaining the sure allies of sapiens and humans.

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